Transfer ether to any .ether name.

.ether is a real name service and built on a smart contract just like .eth.

You can integrate .ether by adding it to your own smart contract or using our library.

You can integrate the .ether name service into your application.
With NodeJS ( Github )
const web3 = new Web3(Web3.givenProvider)
// First create a web3js provider

const etherNS = new EtherNS(web3)
// You are now ready for .ether

    // Returns the resolved ethereum address of the .ether name.
With Smart Contract
interface Ether {
function resolveAddress(string calldata ether_name) external view returns (address);

contract EtherPay {
address ether_contract=0xDC7dBb61E31D7a79376063791183A6488E16C9ce;
address transfer_address;
string ether_name;
uint cost;
function Payment(string memory _ether_name) public payable

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